Mount Charles recognise ‘admired and respected’ colleagues in Catering TASTE Awards

One of Ireland’s largest indigenous support service organisations has shown its commitment to two dedicated employees in a recent awards presentation.

Chairman of The Mount Charles Group, Trevor Annon, presented two of the company’s ‘most admired and respected colleagues’ with this month’s Catering TASTE Awards.

Janice Rea and Eoin Hughes who have each worked for the support service organisation for over 20 years were the delighted recipients.

A spokesperson for the company said of the pair: “Both colleagues have worked for Mount Charles for well over 20 years and not a day goes by that one is seen without the other. Best friends would be an understatement.”

Mount Charles prides itself on having a personal approach to business, recognising the importance of valuing the people who provide excellent levels of service on behalf of the company day in and day out.


Both award recipients work within the CAFRE Greenmount Campus. Janice Rea currently works as a Kitchen Porter for the company and is described as ‘such an important part of the catering team’.

The company spokesperson continued: “She is always in work early every morning and just gets on with her job without complaining”.

Eoin Hughes has a dual role with Kitchen Porter duties and high-frequency touch point cleaning.

The spokesperson said: “Both team members would be classed as vulnerable adults, but this does not hold them back. CAFRE Greenmount would be lost without them.”

The duo enjoyed a beautiful day as they spoke with Chairman Trevor Annon and their supportive colleagues at CAFRE Greenmount Campus.

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