Armagh Observatory and Planetarium celebrate graduation of four PhD students

Featured Image: Pictured left to right are Armagh Observatory and Planetarium PhD Students Nived Vilangot Nhalil, Pablo Galán de Anta and Kerem Osman Çubuk

Leading astronomical research centre, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, has announced the graduation of four students from its 3.5 year postgraduate Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research studentship programme.

The conclusion of the course saw students Nived Vilangot Nhalil, Pablo Galan de Anta, Christopher Duffy and Kerem Osman Çubuk successfully explain their theses to a panel of experts.

The students will now formally receive their PhD degrees from Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Warwick.

Founded as an astrophysical research institute in 1789, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is staffed by seven staff astronomers, five post-doctoral fellows, fifteen PhD students and several visiting astronomers.

The organisation’s research interests include Solar Physics, Solar-System Science, Stellar, Galactic and Extra-galactic Astrophysics. It offers several potential PhD projects on these topics to prospective candidates who have a degree in an appropriate discipline.

In addition to their studies, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium’s PhD students play a crucial role in the Planetarium’s educational and outreach programmes by helping to run events that showcase current astronomical discoveries and by designing workshops for schools.

Since graduating from the programme, former PhD student, Kerem Osman Çubuk, has been appointed to the role of Education Officer at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. He says, “There are only very few places around the world that provide top-level research in this field and an educational outreach programme at the same time.

“I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to study at an organisation as unique as Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. This has been a dream come true!”

At the time of his appointment, Armagh I put a few questions to Kerem; his full profile can be read here.

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is sited in a heritage environment with a rich scientific history at the forefront of astronomy.

Marc Sarzi, Head of Research at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, added, “We would like to congratulate all the recent graduates of our PhD programme.

“Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is one of the longest running research institutions in the British Isles and as such, we have a long tradition of training the next generation of professional astronomers through our PhD student programme.

“PhD students are essential to our international research! They bring new ideas and skills to study phenomena like Solar storms, asteroid hazards, exotic and massive stars and supermassive black holes.

“A diverse, international and lively bunch, they help us to champion science and to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders here in NI.”

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